Floor Care

Keeping your floors clean just got a whole lot simpler!

Carpet Cleaning

White Rose Cleaning Services is an adept floor cleaner, providing commendable carpet cleaning services in the area. Years of enthusiastic well timed service and proficient technicians has made White Rose matchless in offering carpet cleaning services. We pamper our customers by extending our immaculate carpet cleaning services.

Carpets not professionally cleaned regularly make a tempting home for dust mites, molds, flee and other bacteria not visible to the normal eye. Several folks are allergic to dust mites, which are very deadly in contaminating the air, causing serious skin, eye and nose infections. Dirty carpets also cause serious health problems like athlete's foot, stomach ailments caused by molds, bronchial asthma and other serious ailments. You may have brand new or clean carpets but bacteria can sustain on minute amount of dirt. For a safe and blissful office it is an unconditional essential to get your carpets cleaned by certified carpet cleaners.

A clean carpet is a feast to one's eye. Clean and well maintained carpets tend to prevent mold formation and bugs from inhibiting them. White Rose offers adept carpet cleaning services to bring back the shine and luster to your carpet. Our skillful technicians ensure your carpet has the same appearance when you bought it first. We use state of the art carpet cleaning techniques to avoid any remnants of dirt or cleaning solutions.

Vinyl Floor Care

Commercial VCT

Don't underestimate the positive influence of pristine vinyl flooring for your business. Right away your customers will notice whether or not your place of business is clean, comfortable, and professional. Cleanliness and professionalism go hand in hand when it comes to dealing with customers at large. For the highest quality commercial VCT cleaning in the area, call White Rose today!

VCT – Vinyl Floor Polishing & Waxing

You made a significant investment when you chose vinyl flooring for your commercial business which is why you should maintain its integrity with vinyl tile flooring polishing, and commercial VCT waxing services. When your customers see that you have spent the time and energy to maintain the look and feel of your business, they are sure to tell others of how comfortable your company is. With bright and attractive flooring, you can be confident that your professional space looks its best.

Commercial VCT Cleaning & Vinyl Floor Cleaning

White Rose employs commercial vinyl composition tile cleaning professionals that are experienced in taking your vinyl floors from drab to fab. Many of our customers cannot believe the significant change in the ambiance of their businesses after we get through providing VCT cleaning, polishing, stripping, and waxing.

Commercial VCT Cleaning Services

White Rose would love to help you give your business a spruced up and remodeled look. Our professionals take pride in performing professional vinyl floor cleaning services which is evident in the finished product. We offer full floor refinishing services including deep vinyl tile floor cleaning, stripping, waxing, buffing and sealing. We also provide regularly scheduled vinyl composition tile cleaning packages at a discount so you will be sure that your floors are always looking their best. Our certified professionals know how to work around your busy schedule and are well versed in getting the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.

White Rose is committed to being environmentally friendly and all the chemicals we use for all of our services are non- toxic. As a locally owned and family operated business we truly love helping other businesses provide a clean and welcoming space for customers. We encourage you to contact us for more information including package pricing and more.

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